Adaptogloss - Prime Plan

    Adaptogloss - Prime Plan

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      Cranberry-flavored plumping and rejuvenating balm coats lips with the strongest antioxidants available. Protects against environmental damage responsible for lip thinning, wrinkling, and loss of color. Infused with replenishing vitamin B and firming peptides.


      • Provides immediate and long-term lip plumping
      • Shields lips from the harmful effects of UV light, pollutants, and toxins
      • Fights the appearance of premature lip aging signs

      Featured Ingredients

      Lipochroman®: Powerful triple-action antioxidant with unparalleled coverage against all 3 classes of skin-aging free radicals. Ranks as the most potent antioxidant on the market.

      Benzyl Nicotinate: Niacin derivative increases blood flow to the lips for a plumper, more color-rich appearance without exposure to pepper, cinnamon, or other caustic ingredients.

      Marine Tripeptide Discs: Marine-derived microspheres activated by rubbing lips together to stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid for smoother and fuller lip contour.

      Professional Recommendations

      Apply within lip outline and rub lips together to stimulate the plumping effect. Can be reapplied every four hours if desired.