Founded in 2017 with the goal of introducing science to the skin care industry, Young Goose has since developed a product line of bio-hacking treatments to aid in anti-aging and skin repair. With our diverse team of researchers and developers, we ensure every single product is backed by decades of proven science from around the globe. Young Goose is dedicated to reinventing skin regeneration with the help of advancing cellular science, and creating breakthrough treatments that are genetically programmed to work!


Anastasia Khodzhaeva

Anastasia Khodzhaeva is an accomplished biologist and biohacker, currently serving on the board of Products4Problems as the Chief Marketing Officer. With an impressive educational background, Anastasia graduated summa cum laude from Florida International University.

Anastasia has a diverse work experience, ranging from lab research on liver fibrosis and breast cancer to leadership roles in health, wellness, and beauty start-ups. Her passion for innovation has led her to co-found two groundbreaking companies: Young Goose, the world’s first biohacking skincare brand where she serves as President and Co-Founder, and Hormesis, a wellness consultancy firm...

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Amitay Eshel

Amitay Eshel is an entrepreneur in the biohacking and beauty fields. He has held executive roles in the health, wellness, and beauty industry for over a decade, as well as being a business development consultant in that space.

As co-founder and CEO of Young Goose, and host of the Young Goose’s Biohacking Beauty podcast, Amitay has been making waves in the wellness industry through education and innovation. Young Goose embodies his two passions, performance optimization, and skin health, with products that boost the functions of natural rejuvenation processes in the skin...

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