At Young Goose we specialize at lowering the functional age of the skin with our C.A.R.E. (With NR Nobel™) NAD+ Boosting Moisturizer and Eye C.A.R.E. (With NR Nobel™) NAD+ Boosting Eye Cream. And giving the skin specific repair tasks with our serums. Our basic anti-aging protocol includes ProC.A.R.E.- Senolytic Anti-Aging Serum in the morning followed by C.A.R.E. and EyeC.A.R.E. moisturizers.

Here are the essential products in the order of importance:- C.A.R.E. (With NR Nobel™) NAD+ Boosting Moisturizer
- Eye C.A.R.E. (With NR Nobel™) NAD+ Boosting Eye Cream
- Hyperbaric Mask - overnight sleep on mask that will boost skin hydration and radiance
- ProC.A.R.E.- Senolytic Anti-Aging Serum
- Bio-Shield SPF 40 - 100% mineral sunscreen

Our Advanced Biohack Aging System’s Routine is below:
1. Wash your face with our Adaptogenic Cleanser
2. In the AM: Apply ProC.A.R.E.- Senolytic Anti-Aging SerumAT NIGHT:Apply Bio-Retinol (start with every other evening, and work up to every evening. You can apply ProC.A.R.E. in the evenings when you don't apply Bio-Retinol)
3. Apply Eye C.A.R.E. (With NR Nobel™) NAD+ Boosting Eye Cream under the eye and around the orbital bone
4. Apply C.A.R.E. (With NR Nobel™) NAD+ Boosting Moisturizer to the face & neck
5.IN MORNING:Apply Bio-Shield SPF 40 the face & neckAT NIGHT:apply Hyperbaric Mask the face & neck and leave it overnight. Use nightly for the first month and then you could switch to 2-3 times a week or keep on using it nightly.Mist your skin with Bio-C Peptide Spray throughout the day to rehydrate your skin and add a layer of protection against HEV and other sources of environmental aging. Can be applied over makeup and spf

The C.A.R.E. and EyeC.A.R.E moisturizers contain peptides that stimulate collagen production and fuel regenerative processes with NAD+ precursors. These products will hydrate your skin and nourish it with skin-specific vitamins. The Hyperbaric Mask has a novel bio peptide which mimics the signals your skin uses to call upon more collagen production, and loads your cells with oxygen, helping them produce as much collagen as possible. This product is best used as an overnight mask applied as a last step in your nightly skincare routine on top of the products you commonly use. It will leave your skin firm, hydrated and radiant.

Last but not least we have 2 serums that our clients find very effective to minimize pore appearance, fine lines, wrinkles & sunspots: ProC.A.R.E. and Bio-Retinol. ProC.A.R.E. has been shown clinically to turn on 14 different genes that play a key role in skin youthfulness, including genes that are involved in collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin production. This serum is based on 2 types of algae, lilac cell culture and it contains vitamin C. You could use it in addition to the Vitamin C serum you currently use or instead of.

We are also known for producing the gentlest yet extremely potent retinol serum, called Bio-Retinol. Retinol is known to strip our skin from its natural oils. To address that, we have incorporated biomimetic lipids into our Bio-Retinol formula. These lipids closely resemble the body's own natural oils and replenish the oils that are stripped from retinol. As a result, you will enjoy the most velvety skin, reduced fine lines, wrinkles & sun spots, with minimal to no peeling.

Bio-Shield SPF 40 is a revolutionary mineral sunscreen that protects against ALL environmental aggressors i.e. UVA, UVB, Artificial Light, effects of EMF on the antioxidant defense system, and environmental pollution. Latest skin aging research has shown that our skin ages faster due to environmental stressors than it does due to the passage of time. Now, for the first time, you get to choose to protect your skin against all environmental skin damage stressors with one simple product - Bio-Shield SPF 40- 360° Environmental Protection.

The mask can be used in two ways:

- We recommend applying it after your moisturizer, as the last product of your nightly routine, and leave it on overnight. We recommend using it every night in that manner for four weeks. After the initial four weeks you can continue in that fashion if you wish or use it two times per weeks for maintenance.

- The second way the mask can be used is for 30 minutes and then washed off. This is suitable as a quick skin refresher, and not as a treatment.

C.A.R.E and ProC.A.R.E might have a similar name, but they are in fact completely different in substance.

C.A.R.E is a moisturizer designed to raise NAD+ levels in the skin, and capitalize on that available cellular fuel by activating your skins anti aging genes (called Sirtuins). It also optimizes cellular function with other active ingredients such as Co-Q10, PQQ, among others.

ProC.A.R.E is a serum designed to eliminate senescent cells (bad cells that accumulate over time, that are a major contributor to skin and whole body aging), improve mitochondrial function, activate 14 different genes involved in collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production, and stimulate skin renewal.

They do work synergistically, and can be found bundled together in our Biohack Aging Systems.

Yes, we have a few products that help rebuild collagen:

- ProC.A.R.E. both stimulates and up-regulates the genes responsible for collagen production.

- Bio-Retinol stimulates collagen production and thickening of the skin.

- C.A.R.E. and EyeC.A.R.E contain peptides that stimulate collagen production, and fuel regenerative processes with NAD+ precursors.

- Hyperbaric Mask has a novel bio peptide which mimics the signals your skin uses to call upon more collagen production, and loads your cells with oxygen, helping them produce as much collagen as possible.

Bottles usually last 3-4 months. We recommend reordering when the bottles feels light to have a replacement ready when they run out completely. From there, you should get a better understanding of how long each product will last you.

You can take a look at the list of ingredients in every product page towards the bottom. The products are as clean as we can make them without compromising on active ingredients stability.

The reason we use some preservatives in our products is for stability purposes. We assure you that the amounts that we use are extremely low and have been shown to have no negative effects on the skin or body in these low concentrations. It is actually substantially more harmful to have active ingredients that are not stabilized correctly and that degrade by the time you will be using the product.

We are a medical grade skincare company. So, while we know that none of our products contain toxic ingredients we do not call ourselves “clean” skincare because by definition some of the strong actives that are going to bring about a visible change in the skin are medical-grade (tested clinically and developed by dermatologists) but won’t fall within “clean” definition.

In regards to having a stockist in Canada, we are working on having one. We're hoping to offer that in a year or so. However, we do ship worldwide.

Indeed we do. You can get all of our shipping rates during checkout, as they depend on your address.

No, there are no contraindications of using any of our products (including CARE) with any other skincare products that you already use and love.

Our flagship NAD+ boosting moisturizers are C.A.R.E. (with NR Nobel™) NAD+ Boosting Moisturizer for the face and neck and Eye C.A.R.E. (with NR Nobel™) for the eye area.
Both of these products raise NAD+ directly in the skin cells providing sirtuin stimulation and support. By applying C.A.R.E. and EyeC.A.R.E. your skin cells have the energy they need to perform their functions optimally. Whether it is repairing themselves, producing collagen, reducing inflammation, etc

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